The organised chaos

The change begins today

Barack Obama.

I believe in the good that you will do for this once great nation, and for the rest of the world too. I believe that your rise is a signal that change is firmly in our hands, that we can fight for it if we believe in it strongly enough. I believe that today marks the day many dreams, young and old alike, are born.

Most importantly, I believe in you, Barack Obama.


When your direct supervisor changes your scope of work without informing you personally and ahead of time (she announced it via an email sent out to the team), what does it mean?

When she switches your area of work to suit the strengths of the newcomer to the team, what does it mean?

When she tells your co-writer, “Your first story was good. What happened subsequently? You have lost your flair”, what kind of boss is she?

I was feeling both inspired and immensely jealous upon visiting a quaint little pub along Dunlop Street yesterday. The mood, decor, concept, food, drinks and music were the things that I would have done if I had the financial means to start a pub or cafe. And when I met the owner, a 20-year-old communications studies student at NTU, I was impressed. She not only drew up all the illustrations and design, she is also running the place while studying.

How many dreams have I shelved because I lacked the confidence to say “I can do it”? How many ideas have I snuffed because I didn’t think it could support me and my retiree mother?

Maybe it’s time for me to step forward and do something, rather than dream about it.

It begins today. Change.

6 thoughts on “The change begins today”

  1. Taking a leaf out of Obama’s speech – “Yes You Can”.

    Even if we were to take more buses and eat more home meals, you can count on my support 🙂


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