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I’m just…tired

Someone once said to me that insomnia is something that he wouldn’t wish upon even his worst enemy. And I finally get it now.

It started innocuously enough: waking up in the middle of the night, a few nights a week. And suddenly, months later, it’s become a nightly occurrence. I haven’t had a single night of uninterrupted sleep since my wedding and it’s really scary.

I saw my GP and we both agree that it’s due to worries and tension about work. At least it’s not depression, he quipped. Thankfully, I haven’t lost interest in most of my favourite things so yay. He gave me some medication to aid my sleep but they don’t work because I end up jerking awake at 3am still. This morning, my eyes flew open at 6am and I couldn’t fall back asleep despite my fatigue.

I’m so tired. And I am so tired of being tired.

4 thoughts on “I’m just…tired”

  1. someone should send this to your boss and let her know how she’s causing mental distress to her charges. some people are better off not managing others if they can’t even manage their own selves.


  2. omg, the same thing is happening to me too!
    i wake up at different times everyday, sometimes it’s 3am and if i’m lucky, 6am.
    take care, and try to relax.
    at least that’s what i’ve been trying to tell myself. 🙂


  3. Wee – Oh no, you too? It’s really painful being tired all the time, isn’t? Haha but I was thrilled this morning when I woke up at 6am. It was like, “YES! It’s not 3am!”


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