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H&M Comme de Garcons

O my heart, be still.
Since we don’t have H&M in Singapore yet, we can only feast on the Comme de Garcons beauteous sights bestowed upon us by the great World Wide Web.

I love, love, love!

I love this shot! It’s so ethereal and gothic and poetic, all at the same time. The dress retails for US$349, pricey for H&M but bargain bin for CdG. Gosh, don’t you just love the ruffles?

Polka dots rule my world. This is actually a mix of a long-sleeved tee (US$24.90), cardigan (US$69.90) and scarf (US$59.90). It’s so ingenious, mixing the dots up. Yummy. Again, love the art direction.

The girly ruffles contrast so brilliantly with the military shape of the jacket (US$129). And the asymmetrical details makes it a little different.

I’m into bags and shoes recently (don’t ask me how much I have spent) and it’s not surprising that I was so drawn by this utilitarian, boxy thing (US$69.90). Going dotty over dots!

Maybe it’s a good thing that the collection is not available in Singapore. I have a house to furnish and it’s not good populating it with my bags and shoes and clothes when we don’t even have a bed!

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