The organised chaos

Don’t know why

To be a political bait, how does that feel?
Moments before the gunshot was fired, how did she feel?
Throughout the terrible ordeal, did she manage to come to terms with her mortality?
She was only meant to be in Mumbai for a day, did she realise the tragedy of it all?

I was out having dinner with my oldest girlfriends, when Min received the text message to say that the poor girl had been killed. Apparently, she was Min’s senior in law school, and our senior in VJC. I never knew her – heck, I can’t even remember my own classmates – but it just felt surreal because our paths might have crossed 10 years ago; only we never knew it.

Suddenly, the mood changed. The three of us turned somber and we could only sit and stare at each other, wondering why and what and how. Denise and I do go on business trips, and we realised that it could have been us. What’s more, she had gotten married last year, something which resonated with the two recently-marrieds.

“Imagine being the husband going to Mumbai to identify the body,” I said.
“No, imagine the husband going to Mumbai, thinking he was going to get her back safe and sound but only receiving her corpse,” said the husband.

I just don’t understand how lives could be lost so callously, quickly and cruelly.
When did the world start to rot?
Why did the extremists become what they are today?
Isn’t religion supposed to teach us to love thy neighbour and value life?

Wherever you are now, Lo Hwei Yen, I hope you are in a better place. Rest in peace.

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