Let pictures do the talking

I haven’t got many words in me to write currently so I will just let the pictures do the talking. I really do miss bringing the cameras out for a quick spin.


Trotted down to the Marina Bay area to cheer on the husband as he ran the Singapore Marathon, dutiful wife that I am.


While waiting for the husband to get off work at Vivocity, I sat down on the grassy slopes at the rooftop and sipped my soya bean milk. I seem to do a lot of waiting around for him.


Watching Lifehouse, err, live is definitely a 2008 highlight. Love you, Jason Wade! My trusty point-and-shoot did not fail me.


Dinner at the Chows’ is always fun. I don’t know what that insidious can on the left is; I was too lazy to DI it away. Plus, I still have no clue how to get rid of unwanted objects in Adobe Lightroom. Anybody?


Reflections on the oven door. ‘Cos I am a genius like that. And in some crazy moments, I would actually miss my long-haired days. Well, now that I know I can rock short hair, I may just go back to being a Rapunzel. Hah! Told you I have crazy moments.

4 thoughts on “Let pictures do the talking”

  1. ok the last picture is cool, even if my face is so shiny that it got obscured. how to get the “rays of light” effect???


  2. I like your shoes! And the composition of that shot. (since I’ve been buying a number of tango shoes while in Buenos Aires, my attention gets easily arrested by shoes!)


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