Let pictures do the talking

I haven’t got many words in me to write currently so I will just let the pictures do the talking. I really do miss bringing the cameras out for a quick spin.


Trotted down to the Marina Bay area to cheer on the husband as he ran the Singapore Marathon, dutiful wife that I am.


While waiting for the husband to get off work at Vivocity, I sat down on the grassy slopes at the rooftop and sipped my soya bean milk. I seem to do a lot of waiting around for him.


Watching Lifehouse, err, live is definitely a 2008 highlight. Love you, Jason Wade! My trusty point-and-shoot did not fail me.


Dinner at the Chows’ is always fun. I don’t know what that insidious can on the left is; I was too lazy to DI it away. Plus, I still have no clue how to get rid of unwanted objects in Adobe Lightroom. Anybody?


Reflections on the oven door. ‘Cos I am a genius like that. And in some crazy moments, I would actually miss my long-haired days. Well, now that I know I can rock short hair, I may just go back to being a Rapunzel. Hah! Told you I have crazy moments.

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