The organised chaos

I got no chimney…


…but my Christmas present has already been delivered, thanks to a very productive trip to Tangs and a lazy Mr Thick!

The pictures are in my camera but I am too tired (Mr Thick bashed me with his elbow twice in the middle of the night, causing me to wake up in shock and cursing) and too stuffed (roast turkey, cream of mushroom and wine sitting in my tum, yum yum).

I still haven’t decided if I am going to carol on Christmas eve; I may just go onto the streets to soak up the atmosphere. It’s ridiculous, I normally hate crowds but during the festive season, I positively draw my energy and joy from seeing shiny happy faces carrying large shopping bags (very shopaholic, I know). Plus, it’s always so lovely to walk out in the streets where the lights are glowing and there is music wafting through the air. It’s so carnival-esque and everyone is seemingly floating on a cloud of happiness.

Ah, truly my favourite time of the year.

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