The organised chaos

2008, thou shalt not be missed


I believe I speak for many when I say that the departure of 2008 brings more than a sigh a relief.

It hasn’t been a super fantastic year as I had hoped it would be, perhaps I brought with me too high an expectation and too many hopes and dreams into the new year. Some came true, like getting married to the man I had always known I would marry, while some clearly did not.

But through all these, I am extremely grateful to my friends for being there with me. They heard me complain and lament, they offered solutions and a hug when they saw that I needed one. They made me laugh and helped to pull me away from the emotional mess that I was fast becoming. They never complained but instead, reminded me that I should never doubt my own abilities.

And then there is that one person who stood by me through thick and thin. I married him and now our house will soon echo with our footsteps in less than two weeks’ time. Our journey has been full of dizzying ups and dramatic lows but we’ve made it, rain or shine.

After nine years, I can’t possibly imagine being in love with him more than ever but I am.

Happy anniversary, love!


(And we are off to our anniversary dinner of Geylang beef horfun and frog leg porridge. Very quaint, I know.)

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