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So I turned 28 a couple of weeks ago. Unlike other years when I looked forward to my birthday because it meant I could be a princess for a day, this year was slightly more special: we were getting the keys to our east end on the very same day.

My birthday started off very nicely indeed, with Man U routing Chelski 3-0 at a game that started five minutes to midnight. I was expecting a tense game but when the goals started pouring in, Skunk and I started whooping (our respective partners do not share the same level of enthusiasm for the team, it appears).

After a late night, Mr Thick and I had to get up at 7:30am to collect the keys to our new home (that warrants another post). I had my hopes up, thinking that we were going to have a cosy double birthday celebration in the house, just me and him. Unfortunately, his parents had other ideas. My mother-in-law wanted us to formally enter the house on an auspicious day and my father-in-law would be coming along with us to do the proper rites. Oh well. The good news was, the auspicious date was the next day and we didn’t have to wait too long. But for a brief moment, we hung around outside our unit feeling extremely aggrieved that we (okay, I) couldn’t go in.

After a long nap in the afternoon, we prepared to go out for dinner. Which was a surprise! The only clue he gave me was that there was going to be lots of meat. Hmm. I did wonder if we were celebrating his birthday or mine but luckily for him, I do love my beef.

It turned out that we were going to The Prime Society. Yums. I enjoyed the beef but I wasn’t too impressed. My medium was a tad overcooked in certain areas and the meat’s flavour was not brought out sufficiently. His wagyu, on the other hand, lacked the melt-in-your-mouth texture. I definitely have had better beef at Aston’s and Angus House. We ended the night early because we are boring married old fogies – no partying or crazy boozing for us these days, and no surprise party. Boo. I do suspect that when we finally move into east end, we will not venture out during weekends, our hefty bums chained to the sofa.

How do I feel, now that I am definitely at the wrong end of my 20s? Strangely enough, at peace. After last year’s unfortunate events, I certainly feel as if I have grown tremendously. I am a stronger, if not better, person now and I like myself more. This year, I vow to have more confidence in myself and to always believe in positivity. Wisdom and maturity from growing up? Perhaps. I think I am definitely looking to being in my 30s.

Bring it on!

More pictures here.

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