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Channelling Coco Chanel

Chanel Spring/Summer collection 2009
Chanel Spring/Summer collection 2009

And the madness of the fashion weeks are upon us again. Currently, the circus is in Paris where many of the couture houses are displaying their creative offerings.

One of my favourites has got to be Chanel’s Spring/Summer collection 2009. Instead of the elaborate sets that we’ve become accustomed to, the Kaiser had sent his models down a starkly white runway. Amazingly, the space did not seem cold and empty. Rather, the designs took all the attention and filled up the space warmly enough.

One of the things I love most about this collection has to be the headpieces. Opulent, unabashed and luxurious, the rose high above the heads, gently twisting and archly. I wish I could go about with headpieces like these here but it’s sure to draw too much attention and would probably hit the ceilings of our buses. When I was planning for the wedding, I had been tempted to wear a fascinator but it would have looked out of place with my frothy gown. Aww.

Speaking of wedding dress, some of the outfits would not look out of place on a modern bride, wouldn’t it? Lovely structured dresses and sassy skinny pants. Had I not been hankering for a meringue look, I may just have gone down that path. Alas, there is only one wedding written in the books of my life. Perhaps a vow renewal ceremony soon, Mr Thick? Like, erm, next year? Why don’t we just go all the way and do one every year? flutters eyelashes

Oh, and don’t these girls look so proper and ladylike in their tweed skirts with structured little jackets? It feels like they are off for a spot of tea with the queen. I don’t have the stature to carry this look but it doesn’t stop me from glancing admiringly at them. Mmm.

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