Two of Us

east end: the beginning

The problem with doing up our apartment is that it makes it so difficult for me to be satisfied with being married dating couple.

We don’t see each other everyday and we say goodnight over the phone. It’s been okay for the past few months but now that we are so close yet so far to the beginning of that new chapter, it makes me feel antsy and very impatient. I hate being shown the apple and told not to eat it till, oh, a month later. Maybe that’s why Eve caved and took a bite anyway. Unfortunately, I can’t just move in, unless I am ready to sleep on scratched parquet floor and have nowhere to stash my clothes and things.

east end is not perfect. It comes with lots of little defects which irritated me a lot but at the end of the day, I am just grateful that these are little things that can be fixed easily. And as we continue to purchase the things that will turn east end from merely an empty space to a home, my heart smiles a little more contentedly. It’s not the my dream home (no large kitchen with sunlight streaming in, no floor to ceiling book shelves lining the walls) but it’s perfect enough for now.

I love how it’s always bright and light, how it’s so windy and cool at this time of the year, how the green field that the flat overlooks makes me feel at peace, how sitting at the balcony and bay windows feels so natural already.

I can’t wait to move in.


Looking in from the main door


Pretending to cook in our tiny kitchen


Corridor to the rooms


Looking up

8 thoughts on “east end: the beginning”

  1. Dr Low: Nah he doesn’t want that….we’d rather move in properly.

    Fur: yah he pretends to cook…haven’t tasted a single dish in the past 10 years.

    Dotz: Thanks!


  2. ooh, congrats babe! looks wonderful, esp the field across the living area. n yeah jim doesnt look v convincing le! heehee


  3. hey! sorry haven’t been able to visit ur east end. hee. looks woonderful! u already are spared from a lot more things to worry about with all the floorings and cabi-s done!


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