Two of Us

east end: Lights up, part 1

A very quick update.

Most of our defects like scratched parquet and chipped doors have been rectified but I am not completely happy with the rectification provided by Sim Lian. Some of the work the workers did was shoddy. Take my balcony doors, for example. The joints between the tracks and the floor were crumbling and full of holes and when I asked the contractor to fix it, he said he would but it still isn’t.


That’s the sad little wardrobe in the master bedroom. It’s been pulled out and it will be replaced by a larger L-shaped one. Yay! I suspect that it’s still going to be a bit of a squeeze but we didn’t want to do the “his stuff goes into the spare bedroom’s wardobe” scenario so we’ll have to share. It was quite a pain planning the wardrobe because the space is so tiny. With the king-sized bed taking up much of the space, we didn’t have a choice with the placement of the wardrobe. Plus, I couldn’t really understand what the carpenter was talking about – you need to speak in carpenter language. In the end, we got it all sorted out but we had to give up the sleek, sliding doors we wanted. The good news is, there is space for a dressing table/chest of drawers so more storage for my clothes! And bags! And accessories!

Some of the lights are also up.

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The small and cheap ($12.50) lights for the toilets (left) have been installed. We didn’t really put too much thought into these as the fluorescent tubes behind the mirrors are bright enough.

I love, love, love the balcony light (centre). You can’t really tell from the picture because it’s still wrapped up in plastic bag but it’s shaped like a bird’s nest. It goes prettily with our patio chairs and table.

The kitchen light was chosen from its utility. It’s bright enough to illuminate the tiny kitchen, it didn’t cost too much and is easy to replace the bulbs. Ditto the other two lights for the storeroom and the service yard (didn’t really bother to snap pictures of those because they are ordinary).

The rest of the lights for the living/dining room and bedrooms require re-wiring and will be up once the false ceiling is in place. Now, those are much more interesting and I can’t wait for them to be up!