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Just keep going

Haven’t had enough sleep lately. My poor brain is still unused to the fact that I am now sleeping in a new room and keeps waking me up in alarm. Like in the manner of, why am I in this strange room? Who is that snoring next to me? Oh Lord! Wake up!

And then last night, because I didn’t hear the husband snore, I thought he was dead! I woke up and nearly reached over to poke him when I heard his breathing, indicating that he was indeed alive and well.

Ah well. Happy birthday Mr Thick! Love you long long time.

In the meantime, this is what keeps me going on afternoons that are slow and sluggish:


Two of Us

east end: the night before

Moving day was extremely tiring and I am still trying to recover from that. We are still putting the bits and pieces together but our home is more or less complete. Right now, the carpenter and his assistant are putting the finishing touches to our place: the book shelf in the living room and the TV console.

I don’t have pictures of the completed house because it’s still in a mess (and MY would agree with me). The floors never feel clean despite us mopping it at least 10 times – there is always this grimy, dusty feel. It’s rather gross but I think it’s something we have to live with.

But the most amazing part is how comfortable I feel living in our east end. When we sit in front of the TV at night, when we have our breakfast at the dining table in the morning, when we get up from bed and fall into a routine…everything felt so natural. That’s what married life is supposed to be like?

Well, until the house is fully completed and looks Home & Decor-ready, I shall leave you with pictures of east end the day before The Great Move.


Lights from Light Craft, dining table from Barang Barang, Eames replica chairs from Lush Lush.


We love our modern lights from Light Craft. Statement piece in the living room.


The bird’s nest light we got from Chelsea Lighting, hanging in the balcony. Yes, it was still wrapped in plastic.


Doesn’t the light look like a moon in the sky? It goes really well with the blue of the guest room.

The organised chaos

Stripping my room

I’m knackered.

Just spent the past few hours trying to stuff all my life’s belongings into black trash bags and suitcases. Twilight was keeping me company. In fact, I played it twice – once with the commentary from Catherine Hardwicke, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, which was absolutely hilarious. I love cute British accents and humorous self-deprecation in a man. Mmm.

Anyway, I’ve packed most of what I could, dumped those that I could live without and yet the room still bears traces of my life. I don’t know if I could ever truly finish packing but at least what I need to begin my new life with, I carry them with me.

The unpleasant thing is, this new beginning is supposed to be a joyous occasion but it’s become a great source of frustration. I have tried my best to be as accommodating as I possibly can and yet it seems that there are still those who are not happy. It’s selfish and it’s ruining an important milestone in my life, leaving behind a sour taste in my mouth. I understand the pain of letting go – but this is getting all a little too melodramatic for my liking. We’re moving to Tampines, not the Antarctica, for heaven’s sake.

In fact, I don’t even know if we are really supposed to be moving into east end tomorrow. Oh screw that, I am moving in. I’m done being polite.

I’m knackered, I have the eff-ing cold and I am ready to bite.

Two of Us

east end: the carpentry is in

Last Saturday was a Happy Day at the east end.

I overslept and had to grab a cab down after waiting in the sweltering heat for 20 minutes. But it was worth the expense because this was what I saw when I stepped into my front door:


The shoe cabinet and the door concealing the ugly bomb shelter are up! The doors of the shoe cabinet are not up yet; apparently the carpenter had made a mistake in the measurements. But otherwise, it was all good.

Here’s the design of the laminate that we had chosen up close:


I’m quite chuffed because when we first discussed the idea of having the shoe cabinet located right next to the door, we were all clueless. We had no tearsheets nor did we have any drawings. But our carpenter did a great job. He took all the measurements, came up with some suggestions and we went with the flow. It turned out better than what I had imagined. But it looks a tad too small though – I probably need to trim my shoe collection a little.

The other view of the shoe cabinet:


The little rectangular hole you see under the shelves is for the light switches. They were originally right next to the door but have since been repositioned due to the shoe cabinet.

The installation of our shoe cabinet also meant that the other bits of carpentery are up. I walked into the master bedroom and what was once that, is now this:


The vanity table on the left was based loosely on an Ikea chest of drawers while the mirror was thought up by Mr Thick. He had wanted a theatre style mirror with light bulbs but we decided that it would be a tad too OTT. In the end, we settled for four spotlights.

And last but not least, the laminates for the bay windows have been installed. They all look really lovely! When we first selected them, all we had for reference were tiny little cubes not more than 2cm by 2cm in size. It can be quite hard to imagine them as large pieces of patterns. Here’s the one that’s in the master bedroom and study:


It looks light grey but it’s actually black with grey damask motifs. Again, ignore the ugly feet. I haven’t been diligent in the moisturizing department so the feetses look shriveled and wrinkly.

MY and her hubby were in the area so I managed to pop into her outfit for a quick peep. Their resort-themed digs was full of dark timber and the feature wall looks way cool (but as her hubby said, it will be hell to clean. To which she replied, “Yeah but you are doing the cleaning.” I like her attitude). Theirs is definitely more elaborately designed than our humble east end.

According to Mr Thick, all the lights in the house have been installed, but for one defective down light. He’s off from work today so he will be doing the errands. The washer, dryer and oven have been delivered too but because the works at the yard are not completed, we can’t set them up properly.

The next items on our list: a kitchen trolley, our Eames-inspired dining chairs from Lush-Lush and the acrylic coffee table from Muji.

It’s going to be awesome!

Two of Us

Another coupley meme

1. How long have you been together?
We’re reaching a decade, folks! December 31 will be our 10th anniversary. Been married for 6 months.

2.How long did you know each other before you started dating?
About a year? He noticed me first and thought I was cute. Haha!

3. Who asked whom out?
He did! I is shy.

4. How old are each of you?
I’m 28 and he is pushing 35.

5. Whose siblings do you see the most?
Mine, I suppose. He isn’t very close to his sibs.

6. Which situation is the hardest on you as a couple?
We don’t really have “situations”, fortunately. Maybe our spending habits?

7. Did you go to the same school?
Yeah we did! We both went to Victoria Junior College but we were not in the same year, obviously. But the school brought us together – we were both choristers and he sang with the alumni choir when I was still in JC. The two choirs did a joint production together and voila!

8. Are you from the same home town?
We both stayed in Bedok at one point in our lives. Does that count?

9. Who is smarter?
We are smart in different ways. I am good with languages and he is more visual. He also speaks Apple, which I know vaguely.

10. Who is the most sensitive?
Me. I cry buckets at movies and take it personally when people are rude to me. I mean, I cried when Simba’s father died (“Lion King“)!

11. Where do you eat out most as a couple?
Everywhere. We are foodies and we love to try out new stuff. Personal favourites include Aston’s and Bar Bar Black Sheep. After March 25, however, the answer is probably going to be Tampines Mall.

12. Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?
Hawaii. But it was with the choir.

13. Who has the craziest exes?
Thankfully, we only date sane people. But it doesn’t explain why we are together, though.

14. Who has the worst temper?
Me. I am quick-tempered and stew for a longer period of time. He is always the one making the first move to talk to me after we have fought.

15. Who does the cooking?
I suspect it will be me. But that’s good cos he needs to go on a diet and I will be making him grilled chicken everyday, muahaha!

16. Who is the neat-freak?
Neither of us. We are messy and live in cluttered spaces. This does not bode well for east end.

17. Who is more stubborn?
Gosh. Both of us? We can be pig-headed. He will probably say that I am more stubborn though.

18. Who hogs the bed?
He has wrongfully accused me of taking up too much of the blankets and the bed. I deny the charges and instead draw your attention to his snoring.

19. Who wakes up earlier?
I get up earlier than he does but I also have the tendency to snooze for at least 30 minutes. I think breakfast duties will go to him though.

20. Where was your first date?
We watched “Love Letter” at the now-defunct Cathay Picture House. A perfect first date movie.

21. Who is more jealous?
Me! Thankfully, he hangs out mostly with our common friends and other Xbox controller-wielding men.

22. Who eats more?
Obviously him. He once told me, “Between a Toyota Vios to a Mercedes Benz, of course the Benz will need more fuel, right?” No prizes for guessing who the Benz represents.

23. Who does the laundry?
Don’t know yet. But again, I suspect that it’s going to be me. That’s fine, he can fold the clothes and put them away.

24. Who’s better with the computer?
Him. He loves his Apple. Have you seen iheartapple yet? That’s his baby.

25. Who drives when you are together?
The dude, of course. He can drive with his eyes closed, he’s been driving since he was 18 or so. Besides, I like sitting back and being chauffeured around.

Two of Us

east end: Colouring

I got off from work early today and decided to pay a visit to the evolving east end. Had a lovely surprise, look what I found when I got there!


The pretty shade of blue for the guest room


Intelligent grey for the study


Behold, the new Purple Palace!

I love, love, love the colours! When we were selecting the colours from the catalogue, it was very hard to imagine how they would look like on all the walls of the rooms. I was a little worried that the purple in the master bedroom would be too dark (you can’t really see in the picture but the ceiling is light lavender) but it turned out to be rather sexy. The grey of the study is a little hard to see in the picture – we may have selected too light a shade. But other than that, the other colours look great!

Credit must go to Mr Thick for not batting an eyelid when I said that I wanted our bedroom to be purple. He must have been rather resigned to the fact that purple is going to be his way of life from now on. But then again, coming from a lifetime of pink rooms, I think purple is a much more masculine colour for him.

Gah, the lights are still not up yet. Neither are the cabinets.

Okay, off to Ikea with Mr Thick to buy my bookshelves (my must-have). Yay!

Two of Us

They’re playing our song


Uncovered this when I was going through the things in my overflowing cupboards this evening. That’s right, it’s a ticket to the Singapore Repertory Theatre play “They’re Playing our Song” back in 1999.

That was when Mr Thick and I first started dating and this was a musical we had both enjoyed tremendously. It still remains as a highlight of our almost 10-year-old journey. 🙂

I’ve also sorted out all the music scores that I have accumulated since I joined the choir in Singapore Chinese Girls’ School 15 years ago. As I was telling Cat, who will be providing these scores with a better home, these represent much of my life in music notes. As I was flipping through the songs I used to sing back in SCGS, I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic and delighted. How much fun we had then! The songs were interesting and enjoyable, and we sang not because we wanted to win awards but because we genuinely liked the songs and loved singing. There was no pressure and we had such a ball of a time singing and dancing!

Going through my old diaries also made me realise that I haven’t really changed much when it comes to writing. It’s strange, seeing words that were written at a time when I was still young and naive, and which could have been written by an adult me. I really poured my heart out then – asking all those tough questions about life, seeing my true self and deliberating my emotions.

And funnily enough, I also unearthed a letter from a secret admirer outing his feelings to me back when I was in JC2. He was a friend of Popartgirl’s and I immediately rang her and we both had a good laugh. Apparently, he had taken a fancy to me since secondary school (we took the same bus to school, unbeknownst to me) and called me a “ravishing beauty in the blue SCGS uniform”. Haha! Who knew that geeky me had admirers then? Reading my diaries also made me realise that there had been boys ringing me up back in my SCGS days. What a surprise, especially given how I wasn’t exactly the belle of Dunearn Road 12 years ago. In fact, with my thick glasses, bad hair and spotty skin, I was far from being a beauty. But then again, I never attracted the jocks or the hunks – only fellow geeks so painfully shy they couldn’t hold a conversation with me on dates – so I guess that’s nothing to crow about, really.

And now, I am married to a geek (who can be a reticent turtle, like all geeks) and planning our first home together. Isn’t the journey of life such a strange one?

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Hearting Jason Mraz

It’s official. I’m naming our future son Jason.
Because when Mr A-Z came to town, he just about made me swoon with his gorgeous voice and extremely cute antics.


Dressed simply in a long-sleeved white tee, jeans, sneakers and his trademark fedora hat, he stepped out into the bright lights about 15 minutes after 8pm. With a short “hello”, he launched straight into the songs.

He’s absolutely divine live and he didn’t need elaborate costumes and sets to impress the audience. Instead, all he relied on was his silky voice, sweet personality, charming wit and a great backup band. He pushed all the right buttons, said all the right things without sounding like an overly-polished superstar and sang his heart out. He’s a little like the Ting Tings – they sound great on their records but they sound even better live. His voice is so beautiful and he even sounded like he was classically trained.

When he performed “You and I Both” – the song from The O.C. that first got my attention – my heart stopped and I almost cried. Really. He did most of the songs that I liked, like “Mr Curiosity”, “Geek in the Pink” and “A Beautiful Mess” and I was a little gutted that he didn’t do others like “Wordplay”, “Clockwatching” and “Details in the Fabric” but that’s okay. Because for ALL the songs that he did, he really out-performed himself.

The funniest bit was when Singapore’s Joi Chua came on stage to sing “Lucky” with him. I think most of us were a bit let down by that choice and there was a collective “whaaaaat?” when she appeared. But what got us laughing hysterically was her wardrobe malfunction. Wearing a jersey tunic that has a tulip hem, the fabric bunched up into a knot at her crotch and from certain angles, she looked like she was sporting a penis. It, of course, ruined the song for me completely because Mr Thick and our neighbours couldn’t stop giggling and pointing at the offensive image on the big screen.

“Remedy” was brilliant and even Mr Thick was shouting along to the chorus. But the best had to be “I’m Yours” – the audience interaction was perfectly awesome.

Best $100 I have spent. I love you Jason!
Deja vu?
Yeah well, told ya I am naming our future kid Jason.

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east end: going, gone


When we got to east end this evening, the piece of paper taped outside our door made me jump in joy.

Because this means that what was essentially this, is now this:

!(img)!: !(img)!:

We’ve decided to remove the yard door and tear down the windows between the kitchen and the yard because of the lack of space. The door made the yard tinier and we couldn’t figure out a way to place both the dryer and washer in it without one of the doors banging against another. So goodbye door and well, since we are at it, we might as well tear down part of the wall so that the kitchen space is enlarged a little.

The false ceiling is also up but the lights are not because the painting has not commenced.


In other news: all our bedding needs have been satisfied, thanks to the Aussino sale. I bought two bolsters, two single quilts, two 400 thread count quilt covers and some towels for less than $200. A bargain, if I may say so myself! Well, why do we have single quilts, you ask. It’s because although we share the same bed, everything is kept separate and individual. I refuse to tolerate another false accusation of being a duvet thief.


I love sitting at the balcony and enjoying the breeze. And I have ugly feet.