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Hearting Jason Mraz

It’s official. I’m naming our future son Jason.
Because when Mr A-Z came to town, he just about made me swoon with his gorgeous voice and extremely cute antics.


Dressed simply in a long-sleeved white tee, jeans, sneakers and his trademark fedora hat, he stepped out into the bright lights about 15 minutes after 8pm. With a short “hello”, he launched straight into the songs.

He’s absolutely divine live and he didn’t need elaborate costumes and sets to impress the audience. Instead, all he relied on was his silky voice, sweet personality, charming wit and a great backup band. He pushed all the right buttons, said all the right things without sounding like an overly-polished superstar and sang his heart out. He’s a little like the Ting Tings – they sound great on their records but they sound even better live. His voice is so beautiful and he even sounded like he was classically trained.

When he performed “You and I Both” – the song from The O.C. that first got my attention – my heart stopped and I almost cried. Really. He did most of the songs that I liked, like “Mr Curiosity”, “Geek in the Pink” and “A Beautiful Mess” and I was a little gutted that he didn’t do others like “Wordplay”, “Clockwatching” and “Details in the Fabric” but that’s okay. Because for ALL the songs that he did, he really out-performed himself.

The funniest bit was when Singapore’s Joi Chua came on stage to sing “Lucky” with him. I think most of us were a bit let down by that choice and there was a collective “whaaaaat?” when she appeared. But what got us laughing hysterically was her wardrobe malfunction. Wearing a jersey tunic that has a tulip hem, the fabric bunched up into a knot at her crotch and from certain angles, she looked like she was sporting a penis. It, of course, ruined the song for me completely because Mr Thick and our neighbours couldn’t stop giggling and pointing at the offensive image on the big screen.

“Remedy” was brilliant and even Mr Thick was shouting along to the chorus. But the best had to be “I’m Yours” – the audience interaction was perfectly awesome.

Best $100 I have spent. I love you Jason!
Deja vu?
Yeah well, told ya I am naming our future kid Jason.

2 thoughts on “Hearting Jason Mraz”

  1. Hmm, Joi Chua duet with Mr Mraz – really wrong. Even though i have no clue who she is, anyone local just doesn’t match up! Well but what the heck, the rest of the concert sounds so good. You’re definitely one happy fan huh. Hehe and Jason is a good name really, most of the Jasons i know of are handsome (:


  2. i was there at his concert too!
    one word: awesome.
    and i got the $100 seats too!:)
    i melted when he sang my fav song ‘you and i both’ too..
    likewise for a beautiful mess..
    hearing him sing live is really something not to be missed.


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