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They’re playing our song


Uncovered this when I was going through the things in my overflowing cupboards this evening. That’s right, it’s a ticket to the Singapore Repertory Theatre play “They’re Playing our Song” back in 1999.

That was when Mr Thick and I first started dating and this was a musical we had both enjoyed tremendously. It still remains as a highlight of our almost 10-year-old journey. 🙂

I’ve also sorted out all the music scores that I have accumulated since I joined the choir in Singapore Chinese Girls’ School 15 years ago. As I was telling Cat, who will be providing these scores with a better home, these represent much of my life in music notes. As I was flipping through the songs I used to sing back in SCGS, I couldn’t help but feel nostalgic and delighted. How much fun we had then! The songs were interesting and enjoyable, and we sang not because we wanted to win awards but because we genuinely liked the songs and loved singing. There was no pressure and we had such a ball of a time singing and dancing!

Going through my old diaries also made me realise that I haven’t really changed much when it comes to writing. It’s strange, seeing words that were written at a time when I was still young and naive, and which could have been written by an adult me. I really poured my heart out then – asking all those tough questions about life, seeing my true self and deliberating my emotions.

And funnily enough, I also unearthed a letter from a secret admirer outing his feelings to me back when I was in JC2. He was a friend of Popartgirl’s and I immediately rang her and we both had a good laugh. Apparently, he had taken a fancy to me since secondary school (we took the same bus to school, unbeknownst to me) and called me a “ravishing beauty in the blue SCGS uniform”. Haha! Who knew that geeky me had admirers then? Reading my diaries also made me realise that there had been boys ringing me up back in my SCGS days. What a surprise, especially given how I wasn’t exactly the belle of Dunearn Road 12 years ago. In fact, with my thick glasses, bad hair and spotty skin, I was far from being a beauty. But then again, I never attracted the jocks or the hunks – only fellow geeks so painfully shy they couldn’t hold a conversation with me on dates – so I guess that’s nothing to crow about, really.

And now, I am married to a geek (who can be a reticent turtle, like all geeks) and planning our first home together. Isn’t the journey of life such a strange one?

1 thought on “They’re playing our song”

  1. come to think of it, i probably had heard about the ravishing beauty in blue SCGS uniform since secondary 4, but only got to know her personally in JC1, and ONLY knew she was the ravishing beauty in blue SCGS uniform in JC 2.

    hahaha, i’m gonna call you that from now on!


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