Two of Us

east end: Colouring

I got off from work early today and decided to pay a visit to the evolving east end. Had a lovely surprise, look what I found when I got there!


The pretty shade of blue for the guest room


Intelligent grey for the study


Behold, the new Purple Palace!

I love, love, love the colours! When we were selecting the colours from the catalogue, it was very hard to imagine how they would look like on all the walls of the rooms. I was a little worried that the purple in the master bedroom would be too dark (you can’t really see in the picture but the ceiling is light lavender) but it turned out to be rather sexy. The grey of the study is a little hard to see in the picture – we may have selected too light a shade. But other than that, the other colours look great!

Credit must go to Mr Thick for not batting an eyelid when I said that I wanted our bedroom to be purple. He must have been rather resigned to the fact that purple is going to be his way of life from now on. But then again, coming from a lifetime of pink rooms, I think purple is a much more masculine colour for him.

Gah, the lights are still not up yet. Neither are the cabinets.

Okay, off to Ikea with Mr Thick to buy my bookshelves (my must-have). Yay!