Two of Us

east end: the night before

Moving day was extremely tiring and I am still trying to recover from that. We are still putting the bits and pieces together but our home is more or less complete. Right now, the carpenter and his assistant are putting the finishing touches to our place: the book shelf in the living room and the TV console.

I don’t have pictures of the completed house because it’s still in a mess (and MY would agree with me). The floors never feel clean despite us mopping it at least 10 times – there is always this grimy, dusty feel. It’s rather gross but I think it’s something we have to live with.

But the most amazing part is how comfortable I feel living in our east end. When we sit in front of the TV at night, when we have our breakfast at the dining table in the morning, when we get up from bed and fall into a routine…everything felt so natural. That’s what married life is supposed to be like?

Well, until the house is fully completed and looks Home & Decor-ready, I shall leave you with pictures of east end the day before The Great Move.


Lights from Light Craft, dining table from Barang Barang, Eames replica chairs from Lush Lush.


We love our modern lights from Light Craft. Statement piece in the living room.


The bird’s nest light we got from Chelsea Lighting, hanging in the balcony. Yes, it was still wrapped in plastic.


Doesn’t the light look like a moon in the sky? It goes really well with the blue of the guest room.