Two of Us

Just keep going

Haven’t had enough sleep lately. My poor brain is still unused to the fact that I am now sleeping in a new room and keeps waking me up in alarm. Like in the manner of, why am I in this strange room? Who is that snoring next to me? Oh Lord! Wake up!

And then last night, because I didn’t hear the husband snore, I thought he was dead! I woke up and nearly reached over to poke him when I heard his breathing, indicating that he was indeed alive and well.

Ah well. Happy birthday Mr Thick! Love you long long time.

In the meantime, this is what keeps me going on afternoons that are slow and sluggish:


3 thoughts on “Just keep going”

  1. it’s happened to me a few times too! when Bra uses the snore-strip, it works so well on him that i can’t hear him breathing at all. scared myself silly the first time i woke up to silence. but then i saw his round tummy move afterwards. hahahaha…


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