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Coldplay after one month

Okay, so the photos didn’t turn out very nice. Boo. And I am very late in recording this recap. But one month on, I daresay that I am still thrilled by the concert. It was like a huge karaoke party, with everyone up on their feet, singing along with Chris Martin and bouncing up and down on their seats.


The group first appeared behind a screen, silhouetted by the bright yellow lights and waving sparklers. Little excited me screamed my heart out, wondering what song they would open their gig with. It was…”Life in Technicolour”, one of my favourite tracks on the album!


Coldplay didn’t disappoint at all. Chris Martin said all the right (cheeky) things, did all the right (hilarious) actions and sang all the right (amazing) songs. He jumped, he jammed, he waved and he pranced. It was electrifying to hear him sing live and equally mesmerizing to see the band play live.


Hearing all my favourite tunes live was just a fantastic experience. The changes they added to the melody and harmony, the charming stage presence of Chris Martin and the cool backdrop and effects all added to the experience. And of course, when bright yellow balloons floated down onto the audience for – you guessed it – “Yellow”, I cheered and cheered even though the balloons never reached me (I’m still feeling aggrieved) and the stunt was used for their previous “Twisted Logic” concert. Who cares? It’s still awesome, three years on!

And just like three years ago, I waited and waited for two favourite Coldplay songs to be played and they never did. Resigned to the fact that they were not part of the playlist, I jumped onto Mr Thick and almost burst into tears when I realised that they had left it to the end as encore: “The Scientist” and “Lovers in Japan”.

Was it any surprise, then, that nobody wanted to leave the stadium? Instead, we all sat around and sang “oh oh oh oh oh” and relished our Coldplay dream, almost as if we were sitting around an intimate campfire.

Viva La Vida!

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