Happy meal #3

Pasta is always the easiest meal to cook when you are lazy and dying of hunger. Right?

Well, not quite, when you are a resident of the east end.

One evening, we decided to whip up a fairly simple Bolognaise. We marinated the minced beef, chopped up the tomatoes, carrots, onions and chorizos, and boiled the pasta. Throw all the ingredients into one big pot, toss in a can of tomatoes and cook.

Except we went a wee bit overboard with our ingredients and had to exert some amount of effort to stir the mixture so that the beef doesn’t stick to the pot. Also, we added in a tad too much water and had to simmer it for a bit longer than expected so that we won’t be drinking soup.

The end result: a really fugly looking Linguini Bolognaise.


We ended up with a mountain of ingredients AND a mountain of pasta swimming in tomato sauce. But as fugly as it was, the meal was yummy and extremely balanced.

I love cooking our own meals!

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