Two of Us

Married life #2

My appreciation for my husband is often deepened by the strangers I observe around me.

Imagine this scenario, if you can. I am standing on the train, diagonally in front of a woman who is sitting down. Her partner is standing in front of her and they are talking. The passenger next to the woman gets up from his seat and exits the train. Without a second glance and in a swift move, the woman’s partner takes the recently vacated seat.

Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s just that if it had been the husband, he would have remained on his feet, hence allowing the women around him to take the seat. It’s chivalry at its subtlest. And seeing the man occupy the empty seat without a look around him just made me appreciate how thoughtful my husband is.

On the same evening, I am walking into my in-laws’ condo to have dinner with them. Before stepping into the compound, I need to cross a little road which serves as an exit for cars. I walk to the sidewalk and a car is exiting at the same time. The gantry lifts and the car moves forward just as I was going to step onto the road. It continues moving, oblivious to me, the pedestrian, and leaves the compound.

Again, nothing wrong there, except for the fact that the husband would have stopped the car to allow the pedestrians to cross the road. He does this every time we exit the condo and this small gesture initially meant nothing to me until that night.

I know that I often take the husband for granted. And it’s so easy to expect so much from him because he is the one I love and chose to spend forever with – he should be what I want them to be. But once in a while, I need to take a step back and learn to appreciate him for who he is. He may not be perfect, he may do things that make me scream inwardly but the little gestures that he does often make me melt, even though they are not directed at me. He may be a man bitch sometimes but underneath it all, he is a good man with a big, loving heart.