Happy meal #4: Beer. Ass. Chicken.

This is a chicken.


It has a beer can sticking up its ass.

Accuse us of animal cruelty for all you like but this was all in the name of good eating! We had the Billy Kong Guan band over for dinner one Saturday and decided that a roast was the easiest food that we can cook to feed the lot of them. And these are some serious bottomless pits we are talking about.

I adapted Ann’s recipe slightly, by adding lemon juice in the seasoning and also stuffing a lemon into the chicken’s neck to prevent the moisture from escaping through the head.

The result?


A juicy, tender and delicious bird.

The best bit was, it wasn’t difficult to cook it at all. The folks liked it, I liked it and everyone was fed. A great recipe for gatherings.

7 thoughts on “Happy meal #4: Beer. Ass. Chicken.”

  1. is it safe to eat? won’t the paint from the can rub off on the chicken? and what about the aluminium from the can?

    The chicken looks like it’s been majorly violated…


  2. The paint didn’t rub off on the chicken…and nothing melted. So I am guessing it’s pretty safe?

    Hee hee. I love that photo of the chicken.


  3. poor chicken. In life it lives in cramped caged conditions. In death it gets its head and legs chopped off and all its orifices grossly violated haha! it really does look sick…


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