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Of Ingrid Michaelson and the rain

It’s dark and grey outside, the rain threatening to pour down on us. It’s a good thing, right? It’s a respite from the scorching sun that we have been getting for the past few weeks. In the kitchen, the pot of prawn stock that I am preparing for tonight’s dinner simmers gently on the stove, its aroma wafting through the air.

I put Ingrid Michaelson on the stereo.

She has a wonderful warm voice that puts me at ease every time I listen to her. Her lyrics are simple and heartfelt, her melodies soothing. Just like other female talented singer-songwriters that I love, like Jewel, Regina Spektor, Sarah MacLachlan, her songs have the ability to lull me into another world that’s introspective and dreamy.

I was watching the 100th episode of Grey’s Anatomy when her new single Turn To Stone played during the wedding scene. It was amazingly perfect for the scene. Needless to say, I cried buckets, a testament to both the awesomeness of the TV producers as well as Ingrid Michaelson’s talent.

One of my favourite singers, for sure.

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