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Happy weekend!

It’s ridiculously hot today (as it has been for the past month) but I am hoping that I can still make it to the National Museum to catch the Christian Lacroix the costumer exhibition.

Because of the things that have been happening in my life, I have neglected many things that I once loved. I stopped singing, stopped reading, stopped shooting and stopped writing – things that used to be precious to me and defined me for who I am. And after getting married, all I want to do on my weekends is to chill out at home and watch telly, or get the chores done and keep the house clean. I am emotionally fulfilled but spiritually, I feel like an empty barrel rolling aimlessly about in the desert.

My next project was born out of this need to be creative, to try and infuse some “me” into the things around me again. One day, over lunch with Beks, we decided to challenge ourselves to shoot 20 photos that define us and our lives. Surprisingly, it was tough to take 20 good photos of my life. I couldn’t draw inspiration from my daily walks to the bus stops and the office, and I couldn’t see the beauty in the busy cosmopolitan life around me. I decided to scale it down to 10 photos a month and then bring it back up to 20 in due time.

I’m still one short of the 10 for the month of May but I will leave you with one of my favourites for the weekend. For the rest of the May photos, hop on over to my flickr set. It is by no means perfect or beautiful but at least I am trying and hopefully, I will get better with time. 🙂