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Day at the National Museum

So the trip to catch the Christian Lacroix exhibition was an epic fail. We got to the National Museum at almost 5pm and was informed by the staff that the exhibition was closed due to “special programming”. Meh.

I was already in a foul mood and this made me even more annoyed. I stomped around the museum, convinced that there was nothing that could possibly interest me.

Ah, how wrong I was.

The second floor of the museum housed the different Singapore Living Galleries, showcasing the history and culture behind our local fashion, food, film and photography. Needless to say, the fashion gallery was my favourite. Looking at the various genres of designs and the different textures of textiles gave me heart palpitations.

The museum was relatively quiet but it was a peaceful and beautiful sort of silence. Entry to the galleries is free so do go on and have a look!

Couldn’t resist a reflection shot

Traditional Chinese medicine

Vintage wedding dress. Love the lace!

Chinese opera figurines

More in my flickr set.

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