Happy meal #6: Three course meal

Hello there. If you are looking for yAnn’s emo rantings, I am sorry to tell you that this site has warped into itrytocookdotcom. In my efforts to become the next Martha Stewart, I have compartmentalised all other emotions in order to cook and clean efficiently.

Har har.

It’s more like I am so lacking in sleep, in between the husband’s voluminous snoring and his ridiculous attempts to hijack my blanket in the middle of the night, that I cannot summon the energy to write.

But I do try to cook as often as I can – I find it extremely therapeutic, even if the end result is, shall we say, surprising. And one afternoon, with Mr Thick at work and my nose being blocked to the point where the doctor was helpless, I decided to cook.

The first course was cream of mushroom, a favourite of mine. I used this recipe from All Recipes, adding a dash of Worcestershire sauce (yum) into my concoction.

The main course was prawn aglio olio, which is quick to prepare. Or so I thought. Being ambitious (a little like trying to run before you can walk), I decided to give w’s recipe, which I had always admired, a go. So there I was, boiling the prawn heads into a tasty stock so that I could use it to cook the pasta later. And then as I was boiling the pasta in water, I forgot about that step and cooked it to al dente perfection – which meant that after I had tossed the pasta into the pot with the stock, it became soggy. Fail. Luckily, the taste was still pretty decent despite the mushy pasta.

For desserts, I was inspired by Curtis Stone’s Homemade Waffles with Caramelised Apples on one episode of his show, Take Home Chef. Since we don’t have a waffle maker at home, I replaced waffles with pancakes, using Jamie Oliver’s recipe – the best of both worlds!

Now, all I need is a long weekend for me to try whipping up a three-course meal again.