Cookies epic FAIL

So. Popartgirl and I tried to make choc chip cookies one Saturday evening. It turned out like that. We were greedy and chucked big lumps of cookie dough onto the baking tray. And instead of many cookies, we had one big cookie.

But it’s all good. For our second batch, we grew a bit smarter and spaced them out further and they looked and smelt wonderful!

The cookies, based on Ann’s recipe, turned out to be deliciously sweet and moist. We used about 1/4 cup less sugar and it still tasted sweet, probably due to the huge amounts of chocolate chip that we used, and I think we could use less. We also added a packet of pecan nuts, which added a nice crunch to the cookies. The recipe yielded almost 30 cookies.

We like very much!

3 thoughts on “Cookies epic FAIL”

  1. HAHAHA… I used to be like that when I started baking chocolate chip cookies cause I thought how would anything so small become so big in the oven… hohoho.


  2. @dotz Yes July 4, set! Dawn will tell you what she wants to bake, heh.

    @ Sarah Your cookies are so lovely, I can’t imagine them being imperfect. 🙂 But yeah, we totally thought of the same thing.


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