Two of Us

Married life #3

We were at Tampines 1 over the weekend when I spotted some ads promoting the STOMP event.

Didn’t we watch STOMP? I asked.
Yeah, a few years back, he replied.
I remember you bought the tickets then. You spent too much money on me then, I said wistfully.
It was worth it, he smiled and gave me a hug.

That was last weekend and it was the nicest thing he had said to me all weekend.

This morning, I was staring down my fat, swollen ankle and lamenting that it’s still, well, fat and swollen.

Maybe your ankle has always been fat, he suggested cheekily.
Nothing about me is fat, I replied, staring at his midsection with a wicked glint in my eye.

Ah hah!
I had the last word.

And that was the not-so-nice thing he said to me this morning.