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Go clubbing for a cause

Here’s a bit of goodwill for this lovely Saturday.

Just got this in the mail from my friend Edvarcl. He’s part of a group that’s pushing a new concept called Clubbing for Cause. Basically, it means that you donate to charity through doing something that you would have done anyway: clubbing!

So here goes: for every ticket that you buy to get into Butter Factory, 100% of the cost will benefit Guide Dogs for the Blind in Singapore. Proceeds from the ticket sales will be used by the organisation to train new guide dogs for the visually impaired. The event is endorsed by Professor Tommy Koh as well as local singer Kelvin Chen. Tickets are at $12 – not too large a sum to donate to charity and enjoy yourself at the same time, is it?

To find out more about the event and buy tickets, log on to CFC’s website.

When: July 16, Thursday
Where: Butter Factory
Cost: $12 (pre sales) and $15 at the door

PS: Dog picture is mine, and not from the organisation. I just like illustrating my post with a picture.

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