Two of Us

A peek into east end

The sun was shining brightly one Sunday afternoon and I decided to snap some pictures of the house.

It’s not quite Real Living quality and I doubt we will ever get there because we are real people living in a home. We do have a tendency to be lazy and leave laundry lying around, that sort of thing. As I type, our entire laundry line is sitting in the space behind the sofa. Yup.

This is our dining table, which we only use when we have guests. When it’s just the two of us, we usually take our meals in front of the TV. Bad habit, tsk. But I love my dining area – we are hoping to do something with the wall behind it so that the space is not too stark. And don’t you just love fresh flowers in the house? I know I do.

I love our bedroom, it’s cosy and warm. I was initially a bit mad at Mr Thick for buying that expensive Sealy mattress but now I am glad that he did. It’s heavenly! Maybe that’s why I can’t get out of bed every morning – I tend to snooze for at least 10 minutes. Due to the lack of space, we did away with a headboard and used a decal instead, thanks to an idea borrowed from Urban Outfitters.

We have a little nook at the built-in cupboard in the living room which I have turned into a photo corner. Okay, the photos are not too current, except for the picture of us taken on our wedding day (you can see east end in the background!), which was developed by my mum. Neither Mr Thick nor I are big fans of developing photos, something which my mum cannot understand. She loves to have lots of photos lying around the house.

That’s it for now, I think the rest of the house was dreadfully messy. Till next time!