Photography, Two of Us

Wonderful weekend

(Note: This was written two weeks ago, I only got around to posting it now! Image intensive.)

This weekend has been so lovely that I felt a pang of sadness when I went to bed last night.

Even though I had a bulging ankle, I was determined not to stay at home and waste the weekend away. After having a hearty (albeit salty) breakfast cooked by Mr Thick, we headed to the Asian Civilisation Museum to catch The Unguarded Moment by Steve McCurry. I love photo exhibitions – they are so inspiring. The pictures were printed using an Epson colour printer and I could see the wheels turning in Mr Thick’s head, planning our next printer purchase.

By the time we were done with the exhibition, it was 4.30pm. With 30 minutes to spare before The Kang Xi emperor: Treasures from the Forbidden City exhibition is opened to the public for free, we decided to hang around by the riverside and snapped some photos. 10 minutes before five, there was already a queue forming! We joined the line immediately (kiasu Singaporeans) and it was a good thing too. By the time we were done, the line had extended all the way to The Arts House.

We strolled around leisurely (not that I could have walked any quicker with that banged up ankle) and on a tipoff that there was going to be fireworks display for the NDP rehearsal, we plonked ourselves down at OverEasy, a new American joint (from the guys who brought us The White Rabbit) by the river at One Fullerton.

The food was nice and the view even better. From our vantage point, we could see all the activities happening at the bay and at 8pm, almost two hours after we had sat down, the fireworks exploded in the sky! (Husband shot the fireworks, I was just happy to sip sangria and bounce up and down like an excited kid.)

Sunday was spent doing the chores – I love the feeling of a spanking clean house! – and then we headed out to the cinemas for a treat: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. At the risk of sounding like a school girl, I have to say that I loved it! Sure, the plot was kind of silly. But I loved the robots, the action and the effects.

Ikea was our next stop – yay! We have plans to spruce up the house a bit and Ikea is definitely our budget-friendly best friend for now.

What a wonderful weekend. And I absolutely adore my husband.

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