The organised chaos

Melly marvellous

One evening, I came home to see this sitting in my letterbox:

It’s a present! I opened up the envelope and what greeted me was this really cute sight:

The lovely note was handwritten and illustrated by Melly. Isn’t she just amazingly talented? Of course it made me more eager to open up that bubble wrap.

Whee! They were the buntings which she had made earlier. She had made extra and kindly given them away to lucky beneficiaries like me.

And this is the new home of the buntings:

Thanks Melly! đŸ™‚

1 thought on “Melly marvellous”

  1. beneficiaries lol! you’re anything but that. my bf said your home looks like something you’d see in a magazine when i showed him that last picture.


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