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Why didn’t we think of that?

This wedding procession is just too funny for words – I love it! There’s so much humour and energy and laughter and love in it, and it made me wish we had thought of something as hilarious as this.

But then again, like my colleague N says, this is something only the Caucasians can pull off. Singaporeans will get shy, feel embarrassed and conscious about themselves. “Don’t want lah, I cannot dance,” would be a popular refrain.

I couldn’t help but tear while watching this video. Aww, bless them, and I hope they have a happy, happy marriage!

6 thoughts on “Why didn’t we think of that?”

  1. i think only skunk and wayne and jane can pull that off…. anyway i can’t help but notice most of the guys are of MrThick’s size!


  2. @ huier Glad you enjoyed it! I laughed and teared at the same time. Silly, really.

    @ Hannah That’s really cute! Thanks for sharing.

    @ trv Yeah I know. Which made it funnier, seeing big guys dancing like that heh.


  3. Stumbled upon your blog many many years ago and have been a silent reader. 🙂 Anyway..

    Watched this video and the first thought that came to mind was that the friends who danced probably told the couple, “After all these efforts, you’d better be married FOREVER.” :p


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