Kitty Tales

Tales of a cat

I haven’t really had much time these days, in between putting food on the table (literally and metaphorically) and keeping the wee ickle kitty cat out of trouble.

Coco is a darling and really funny but boy, does that cat have an abundance of energy. We let her out of the room every night and she has so much fun exploring dark and strange corners to wriggle into. Otherwise, she would be busy swiping her claws on our rug and dining bench or sniffing around the balcony. She’s also quite the busybody, rushing up to us when we are doing something new or different.

And when we put her back into the room (we don’t dare to let her roam the house without one of us around for fear that she may get stuck somewhere), she whines piteously, as if we haven’t fed her in days. Which can be both amusing and annoying at the same time.

One of the best things about having the little bugger around is that our little household has changed and we enjoy the changes. Before she arrived, we were worried about the changes that we would have to make – no more open doors and windows, the need to change and clean her litter box, the financial costs of her food and visits to the vet. But now that she is here and our lives are no longer the same, we find that we have adapted marvellously and cannot imagine life without our little kitteh.

And this gives me hope that we can get over our reservations about having a child. I know that taking care of a baby is vastly different from mothering a cat but it’s still a small step in the right direction. Seeing the husband coo over the cat and construct barriers out of wire mesh to keep Coco out of trouble areas confirms my guesses that he will be a patient and doting father.

Did I marry him knowing that he will be a good father? To be honest, no, but I had my suspicions that he will excel in parenting and be prone to indulging our children, which will then make me the mean disciplinarian.

I love my life now and I am thankful for all that I have.

I leave you now with this hilarious photo that we shot of our precious ninja kitteh recently. We do have the cutest cat in the world!

3 thoughts on “Tales of a cat”

  1. Best timing ever! HAHAHAHAHA i cannot stop laughing at the photo. So good to hear Coco’s being a darling and making you both very happy folks.


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