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Married life #4: Huh?

Last week, I was really annoyed with husband. We didn’t quarrel (we don’t tend to quarrel) but it was a miscommunication problem. After that, I didn’t speak to him for several days because I was SO upset.

On Friday, I was tearing my hair out in office editing some documents when my receptionist rang and said excitedly, “Is it your birthday today? There’s something for you!”

It was a ginormous bouquet of 11 lilies (half of which were gorgeous stargazer lilies, which I had carried during the wedding) and with some very sweet words written on the card, delivered on the 11th month anniversary of our marriage.

But I was still miffed.

Later in the evening, he picked me up after a paintball session with his colleagues and took me to dinner at The Universal, a lovely quiet restaurant perched on top of Duxton Hill. It was quiet and cosy and very, very intimate. So the sweet dear looked into my eyes and asked sadly, Are you still mad? I rolled my eyes in reply. He then asked, But why are you mad?

That did it.

I burst out laughing and didn’t stop till minutes later. Poor husband. He didn’t know what to do and stared at me, bewildered. I could not believe that he did not know what had gotten my goat. Funnier still, he had done all these lovely things for me without realising why he had to do them. Aww, bless him, I so adore him.

Men are dense, I get that, but this was just too hilarious. After wiping my tears (of mirth) from my eyes, I explained to husband why I was mad. The miscommunication was cleared up and we talked and shared our points of view.

After the dinner, he took me to watch Up (AWESOME film!) and started snoring gently by my side towards the end.

Ah, men.

7 thoughts on “Married life #4: Huh?”

  1. Thanks all, yeah he can be very dense but sweet. 🙂

    Trv, yours was not lily, yours was a gorgeous orchid that cost me a pretty penny. Damnit.


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