Nutella goodness

One weekend, I woke up with a burning desire to bake. So I did.

Thanks to the tools that we had bought at Pantry Magic at Chip Bee Garden (I love, love, love that place!), I had everything I needed to make nutella cupcakes. Rather than pay through the nose for a teeny tiny cupcake from Marmalade Pantry, I could jolly well whip up some on my own, couldn’t I?

The search began, as it always does, on Google. It led me to Nicole’s website Baking Bites, which had an adapted Donna Hay recipe. It was extremely simple to make and since I wasn’t doing anything on a Saturday morning, I unpacked my baking tools and started the quest.

In the end, we had about 30 cupcakes. The recipe called for 140g of unsalted butter but the standard block of butter in the supermarkets is about 225g. I decided to finish up the butter and make two batches of cupcakes instead. They turned out to be pretty scrumptious! Both Mr Thick and I love nutella and it was heaps of fun swirling the nutella into the dough. Plus, the house smelled so lovely as the fragrance of the vanilla and chocolate wafted through the air – that always puts me in a good mood.

We delivered some to friends and family members the same day and the feedback was pretty positive. This recipe is definitely a keeper.

6 thoughts on “Nutella goodness”

  1. i like!! not too moist, not too dry! may i just suggest liquifying some of the nutella by mixing some milk in then maybe it won’t be so dry. waha. just a tot. not sure if it works!


  2. You’re all welcome!

    @ Trv I think the nutella was dry because of the baking….when we put it into the dough, it was quite liquid.

    @ Likkle girl There were 2 more boxes to be given away and then err yeah, the rest were for us! 😛


  3. First time I’ve heard of Nutella cupcakes… LOOKS YUMMY! =D

    And yup Magic Pantry is lovely… I wish I had more munny to spend there though. =(


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