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Savouring the weekend

This weekend has passed us by so quickly!

We had to attend the wake of husband’s aunt and that took up half the Saturday. During the cremation, I suddenly had a series of epiphanies, which definitely warrants another post. After cleaning the house, we decided to head to Kallang Leisure Park to catch a movie: G.I. Joe – all because the other movies that I wanted to catch were sold out. All I can say is, leave your brains at the door. This is a movie where the loud bangs and crashes are more interesting than the plot. I’m kidding, there was really no plot.

We’re off to the gym at Fusionopolis in a bit – for a swim and some activity to burn off that decadent lunch. No pictures, we were starving. But it was GOOD (anything that calls for white wine in the recipe is GOOD in my books) and it was EASY to make.

Leaving you with pictures of the hearty meal that we had at Colbar last week. Hope your weekend is awesome!

6 thoughts on “Savouring the weekend”

  1. Apparently the “new” one is exactly the same as the “old” one – they uprooted the building and moved it to another location. 😛 Sorry love, I didn’t take many photos because we went there after gym and I didn’t have my camera (these were shot with my iPhone). Next time, I promise!


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