I’ve decided not to upgrade my Canon 400D. For a while now, I have been contemplating selling the 400D and getting the 500D but there is no justification for it, except that it’s gadget lust. I am happy with the 400D, it is working perfectly fine and there really is no reason for me to get a new body just because of the HD video recording function. And if I were really to upgrade, it would make more sense to move on to a 40D or 50D but at the moment, finances are not permitting.

What I would really like is a new lens – the kit lens and its limitations are beginning to get on my nerves. Maybe a 17-50mm with a fixed f2.8…that would be perfect for the Tokyo trip!

On a sadder note, my entire roll of film in the Holga did not develop, probably because I did not load it properly. I was majorly sad because there were some good pix in the roll but I guess it’s my own fault. Never mind, a new roll of film is now sitting in the boxy black body and hopefully, I will be diligent with my shooting and have something to show for it soon.

Next on the list is a Polaroid OneStep. The film is terribly expensive ($40 per box of 10) but I do love the vintage babies! I’ve always wanted a chalkboard wall with Polaroids stuck on it but it didn’t happen with east end. Maybe next time!