Happy meal #9: Meal for one deux

I am the first to admit that I am no natural cook. Unlike my chef of a mama, I cannot cook meals for my (tiny) family with not much planning. I am simply not the sort of person to look at the ingredients that I have and then go, Right, so I will cook this now, or This herb brings out the flavours of this condiment. Right now, I need recipes to guide me along and help me to put together a dinner for our cosy twosome.

One of my favourite acquisitions is actually Nigella Express. I know, many people scoff at her because she has a tendency to use packaged food and pastes to cook. But after watching her TV series of the same name, I find that Nigella makes cooking look a lot easier and some of her shortcuts actually make a lot of sense. Her ingredients are not exotic, her methods are definitely not complicated and it’s perfect for a newbie like myself. It helps, too, that she is easy on the eye, heh.

The mirin-glazed salmon that I made for dinner the other day was simply perfect. I love how the sweetness of the mirin and the brown sugar combined with the salmon. Best of all, this took no effort at all and cooked in a jiffy. Sometimes her recipes aren’t exactly the healthiest but all you need to do is to make a few adjustments here and there. In this case, I used less soya sauce and less brown sugar and it still tasted great.

It looks nothing like her photo, unfortunately, but the charred skin still looks sort of enticing, no?

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