Quad the fun

Husband bought the Quad Camera app for Ingrid iPhone recently and I love it! I’ve been playing with it and it’s just heaps of fun.

Leaving you with two (or is it eight?) photos that we shot with it last weekend while I decide if I should get a $450 mouthguard to protect my teeth (the dentist says that I am grinding my teeth in my sleep to the point where my incisors are no longer sharp. Sad.).

I said to husband, Move! And he did.

Slurping up a yummy mango lassi at Island Cafe. I love my new hairband!

5 thoughts on “Quad the fun”

  1. Hey likklegirl, I am getting the mouthguard. 😦 Like you said, better treat it now than have terrible teeth later. Not looking forward to it though.


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