BBQ at the balcony

Well, first of all, if you are our neighbours, I am deeply apologetic. If the smell of kerosene and the smoke got to you, I am so sorry.

You see, when we first got east end, one of the things that we said we would do was to set up a charcoal grill at the balcony and have yakitori. Five months after we have moved into east end, we finally blew the dust off the disposable grill that we had bought and made ourselves a barbecue meal.

Oh, it was great! The fire was a little to strong for my liking initially, due to the kerosene, but it finally burnt out, leaving behind a box of charcoal simmering in heat. I marinated the chicken and prawns in a concoction of olive oil, paprika, salt, freshly ground black pepper, fresh rosemary leaves, fresh sage leaves and Worcestershire sauce.

And to make it a truly authentic yakitori meal, I made teriyaki sauce from scratch, thanks to a recipe from Everyday Harumi. You cannot believe how easy it was to make the sauce! All it took was 100ml of mirin, 100ml of soy sauce and 4 tablespoons of caster sugar (although I do think the sugar can be reduced by half a tablespoon). That’s it. And as it gently reduced, the sauce thickened to a aromatic, gooey mess which we enjoyed very much.

Teriyaki sauce gently simmering in the pan

What we had: Skewers of chicken meat, chicken wings and prawns; limes; teriyaki sauce; disposable grill and basting

Husband lighting up the grill

Kerosene burning

Food sizzling