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Miss Marc & Me

One of my favouritest designers in the world has to be Marc Jacobs. Seriously, who else can pull off a Spongebob Squarepants tatt other than the smouldering, sexy Marc Jacobs?

Sex appeal aside (so sad that he is gay!), while I can’t say that I greatly admire his work for the house of Louis Vuitton (am really not a fan of LV, to be honest), I simply adore his own Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs line, particularly his Miss Marc accessories. Somehow, Miss Marc reminds me of me: a little quirky, not too pretty and a bit of a neurotic. Plus it’s unexpected, fun and really great at jazzing up an outfit.

So guess who has been my constant companion?

Miss Marc takes the train
Miss Marc takes the train

Well looky here, it’s Miss Marc herself! I snagged me a Miss Marc tote bag and I am loving it. The size is fantastic for all the nonsense that I carry and looking at the picture makes me happy.

Can you tell that I am a little obsessed?

Miss Marc on the bus
Miss Marc on the bus

Shiny happy people
Shiny happy people

3 thoughts on “Miss Marc & Me”

  1. So, will you divulge to this nosy reader what “all the nonsense” in your bag is? I always love hearing what other people lug around. There must be a Flickr group like that…


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