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Not so SMRT afterall

Warning: This is a rant post.

There are days when taking public transport just pisses me off and drives me nuts. Today, as you can surmise, was one of those days.

Having not been to yoga for a while, Trev and I made plans to go for a 6:30pm class at Millennia Tower. At 6 o’clock sharp, I shut down my computer and made a mad dash to the bus stop. Arriving 10 minutes later, I texted Trev to let him know that I was going to be some 10 minutes late for class.

Obviously, I was being overly optimistic because this was what ensued:

Twitter rants
Twitter rants

At 6:30pm, I was frantically texting Trev and feeling rather mad. I had been waiting for 20 minutes for Bus 75 during peak hour and it was not good. Four minutes later, I was still there and seething as the other buses zoomed past me for the umpteenth time. Another three minutes later, I was just ready to tear my hair out.

Finally, at 6:44pm, a grand 34 minutes after I had arrived at the bus stop, the bus deigned to make its appearance. By then, I had given up all hopes of attending the class. I could have gone and done my own thing at the gym except for the fact that I had not brought along my shoes. I usually would, even when I am going for yoga, but I DIDN’T BRING MY SHOES. No workout for me.

By the time I got to Millennia Tower, it was 7:05pm and all I could do was have a drink at the members’ lounge and then take a shower.

So dear SMRT, you bloody ruined my evening. I wasted 34 minutes of my precious youth and ended up doing NOTHING at all.

Thanks a lot, my trusty and reliable public transport provider.

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