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Bits and pieces

When we first moved in, we had wanted a wall where we could put up the pictures that we have taken. A mini gallery of sorts, if you like. Our style is quite Scandinavian – lots of sunlight, white walls, simple pieces and bold colour accents. No fancy schmancy feature walls with mirrors and panels for us, we wanted to make sure that the house is easy to maintain and has clean lines.

Almost six months after moving in, the photo wall has finally been created:

Mini gallery
Mini gallery

These are mostly my pictures because Mr Thick hasn’t been able to curate his photos (coughprocrastinationcough). He’s the better photographer so there will be more of his pictures than mine, eventually.

The other day, I popped back to my old home in Sengkang to see my GP. While waiting for the clinic to open after lunch, I was surprised to see that Daiso had opened an outlet at the mall across from my mom’s place. Darn, why couldn’t it have opened while I was still living there?

Being the avid shopaholic, I of course picked up a basketful of things for the house. A toy for Coco, two small jars of cinnamon and nutmeg, a heart-shaped silicon mould for cooking eggs (husband wanted it) and some cute and gorgeous decorations for the balcony.

Little chalkboard sign
Little chalkboard sign

Signboards for the herbs
Signboards for the herbs

Hanging tools
Hanging tools

Aren’t they just cute? I love it when I come across things unexpectedly and they just happen to be the perfect fit. I have a thing for chalkboards which husband cannot understand. But it’s just like how I adore vintage cameras and old school Olivetti typewriters. I still harbour dreams of having a display shelf full of such goodies, probably in our next home.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a kitten to catch. She’s biting off the leaves of my plants!

More photos here.

8 thoughts on “Bits and pieces”

  1. I was totally eyeing those signs too! But was carrying too many things and couldn’t buy more stuff! Gosh, we should so go shopping together!

    Your herbs and the signs are perfect matches. Pretty! 🙂


  2. @ Apprentice Housewife The dirt factor can be minimized! Just get a trough and then put a tray beneath it to hold all the dirt. It’s really nice to come home to a bench full of plants.

    @ Yuling These signs will definitely suit your barn! Ooh can we meet soon? I would love to play with Missy! 🙂 (Am I thick-skinned to assume that you would let me play with her? Heh.)


  3. We got it at a nursery along Bah Soon Pah road, which is really, really inaccessible. But you can probably get them at other nurseries like Far East Flora. 🙂


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