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Weekend wonder

This weekend, we celebrated our first anniversary! The real date is actually September 14 but it being a Monday, we decided to bring forward the celebrations by a couple of days.

Now, when I say “celebrate”, I use the term rather loosely. There were no big bouquets of flowers (well, I had that a month ago) nor did we go to a fancy restaurant. No presents were exchanged. It was all very simple and, well, usual.

Husband and I went to the gym on Saturday and killed our legs by going for a RPM class. Then we checked into Grand Park City Hall for a weekend spa stay. The hotel is not the most luxurious by any standards, but it’s clean, comfortable and pleasant. I had indicated that it was our anniversary when I made the booking and the hotel was kind enough to upgrade our room and extended our check-out time. Nice touch.

Off we went to jalan jalan. Didn’t buy anything but we had a great meal at The Handburger. I love cheese so we had the blue cheese burger and can I say that the combination of the blue cheese and the caramelised onions was FABULOUS. Smell my cheese!

Dinner was at Shashlik – one of my fondest restaurants in Singapore. The wait staff are usually a bunch of grumpy elderly folk and stepping into the restaurant brings you right back to the ’70s. There’s been more than a few complaints about the grouchy waiters but seriously, don’t take it too personally. There was once when a grandfather-type waiter scooped a dollop of sour cream onto the table instead of into the borsch in front of me and he didn’t even bat an eyelid. It’s hysterical and really part of the charm.

We each had steaks and then the evening ended with a Russian coffee for husband. This is how it’s made: one part vodka, one part kahlua (or something similar) poured into a glass that’s been heated up by flames shooting up from a gas stove. Set the alcohol on fire and then proceed to pour the coffee into the glass, topped with a dollop of cream. Voila! Husband’s face upon taking the first sip was hilarious – it’s super duper strong! Coming to Shashlik is always a treat because they like to do the flambe in front of their patrons and it’s always so fun to watch!

Wave, husband, wave!
Wave, husband, wave!

We had our 60-minute massage the next day (ie. today) at Spa Park Asia as part of the package and boy, did we need that. When the aunty masseuse rubbed my hamstring and shoulders, my mind immediately went “Ooooohhhhh…” She was thorough and firm without being rough. It was a pretty decent massage, although I was a little taken aback that we weren’t informed what sort of massage it was going to be, she didn’t ask me if the pressure was just right and she also did not give me a chance to tell her about my problem areas.

We then packed our bags and went home to our kitten. And then, what did I see but a series of tweets from Stella, who went into labour early this morning! It was all very exciting – Imp and I were cheering her on via Twitter. Don’t you just love the wonders of the Internet!

Anyway, say hi to the super bright-eyed and adorable Dylan Ng:

Baby Dylan
Baby Dylan

Isn’t he just too cute? And you gotta give it to Mommy – she TWEETED AND BLOGGED throughout labour. When I am about to pop a bawling babe out of my va-jay-jay in future, one word: EPIDURAL.

And that is/was my weekend. Oh, in case you are wondering, we didn’t take many photos because neither of us brought our cameras. We survived on the holga, my iPhone and a disposable camera.

3 thoughts on “Weekend wonder”

  1. Happy Anniversary!!!

    And yes, Shashlik is the only restaurant that I NEVER complain about the service. I’d feel so cheated if they give me good service. heheheh. Very old school. I like.


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