The organised chaos

The long weekend was good.

But all good things must end, goes the cliche.

After a hectic three-day conference where I started at 10am and ended with drinks at 1am, I was craving a good rest over the weekend. Saturday started with excruciating abdominal cramps and ended with a trip to Ikea where husband and I put up a shelf in our study at 2am. Goodbye clutter!

Sunday was my cousin’s wedding luncheon, which has got to be the simplest and most casual reception I have ever been to. Doesn’t mean that it wasn’t good though – it’s always lovely to have a new addition to the family. Sunday was also a day of slight disappointment but I’ll get over it, there’s always the future to look forward to.

And today, I lazed in bed till noon despite the kitten meowing her tiny lungs out outside our door at 10:30am, and got up to a clean floor. Husband had thoughtfully mopped the floor while I snoozed. I love that man. But that’s not all – I made a new friend today and saw her impossibly cute little girl for the first time.

If my kid isn’t as cute as yours, I am blaming my husband, I joked.

It poured and poured, the skies were gloomy and grey, but I was happy.

Bright lights
Bright lights

(PS My second roll of Holga shots was successful. YAY.)

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