The organised chaos


Not the roads nor the nose, but my mind. Haven’t been able to string together a proper sentence – probably because I have been editing documents at work and when I get home, the brain is going NO MORE WORDS.

The good news is, the weekend is here! Husband and I are off to the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix tomorrow (just walkabout tickets, we didn’t want to splurge) to see Travis (!) and err the qualifying, of course. And then there’s the nephew’s birthday on Sunday. In between, there are lots and lots of chores to be done but that’s okay because I love our home.

Oh, Popartgirl and I will be at Flea Fly Flo Fun at HOME Club tomorrow. If you want to grab some pre-loved items from us, come look for us from 3pm on. Or you could come up and say a big HELLO. šŸ™‚

Almost blank
Almost blank

1 thought on “Blocked!”

  1. Wah!! I really want to come but I’m in church in the afternoon and have wedding dinner at night šŸ˜¦ Boo hoo… have a blast girls! Hope you make lots of moneh… šŸ™‚


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