Two of Us

Happy anniversary…again…

It’s Mid-Autumn Festival tomorrow and guess what, it’s our wedding anniversary!

Okay, you must be confused, seeing how we did the whole anniversary shebang two weeks ago. See, when we exchanged rings, mangled our vows (well, I mangled my vows) and were married on that wet and grey evening September 14, it was also Mid-Autumn Festival. In fact, we picked the date because of the festival, full moon party on the beach and all.

This means we get to celebrate our anniversary twice a year. How brilliant is that? Perfect excuse to celebrate and, well, act lovey-dovey and Smug Married-ly. We get to carry old-school paper lanterns lit up by candles, dance under the skies and eat mooncake. Basically everything that we did not get to do when the rain washed out OUR PERFECT WEDDING. Does anyone get the sense that I will carry this bitterness with me into the grave? Hmm.

So once again, happy anniversary Mr Thick! Even though you amuse me by emailing Harry’s Bar to ask when the outlet near our home will be opened (true story), I still love you much much!

You so cute, I like
You so cute, I like

(This is totally a filler post. Gah.)

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