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yAnn loves…One Pint Please!

One of my favouritest persons in the world is this tiny munchkin named Beks. She’s insanely clever, creative and sometimes just plain insane.

When she first told me about the blog shop she was starting with some friends, I was skeptical. There are many such shops around, with many peddling the same old wares with bad workmanship and poor taste. But I should have known better – afterall, this is the person who writes and shoots such out of the world stuff.

One Pint Please is pretty cool and I am not saying it because she is my friend. For a team who is not doing this full-time, they have been churning out some nice stuff that I would definitely buy! In fact, I think I did.

Anyway, when Beks asked me to write about the shop, I said yes. She then handed me a pretty pink satin blouse with a ruffled neckline which is, admittedly, not really something I would buy for myself. But hey, I can always make something me, right?

One Pint Please

Top row: Drop crotch pants – Zara, Heels – Charles & Keith, Cloche hat – from Shanghai. Middle row: Skirt – POA, Heels – Aldo, Belt – from Bangkok, Hairband – Forever 21. Bottom row: Skirt – Tian, Boots – from Taiwan, Hat – River Island.

Gosh, was the humidity a killer today, I was literally melting. Coco was staring at me from inside the house and the look she gave me clearly said What the heck are you doing, woman? Maybe it’s because of the oversized pants I was wearing in the top picture – it makes me look preggers and I AM NOT PREGGERS.

But I digress. Do check out One Pint Please – I’m sure there will be something you like!