The organised chaos

Have a nice day

It’s been rough today.

I couldn’t get up in the morning and was late for work.
I had to chase down people for their “assignments”.
There were last minute requests that I could not possibly reject and had to scramble to get the answers.
My work got thrown back to me with negative feedback.
Deadlines are looming and I might not meet them, through no fault of mine.
I’m doing work for other markets when I hold the Singapore portfolio.
Worse, my counterparts in said markets do not see the work as part of their responsibilities and had no qualms dumping it on my boss and I.
I drank coffee, ice lemon tea and green tea, all in the hope of getting adrenaline from the sugar and caffeine.
I ended up feeling nauseous from the caffeine and sugar.

It’s been a rough day.

But it’s not a bad day.
I still enjoy my work, despite the occasional hiccups.
My boss is a great mentor and my colleagues are hilarious.
Today, one of them treated us to pizza because she felt like it.
After work, I went for yoga, taught by my Sista.
I started out feeling tense and my breathing was quick and shallow.
Towards the end, I was relaxed, calm and breathing deeply.
I came home to a bowl of delicious curry, dropped off by my loving Mom.
The kitten was good and stopped chewing the leaves off of the plants when I told her to.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

Taken with our disposable camera
Taken with our disposable camera