The organised chaos

Little blessings

One thing I love about the World Wide Web is the fact that people are able to connect with one another. I wouldn’t have known Yuling, for instance, had I not hopped on links and got to her site. I wouldn’t have met her and her family, especially cute little Raeann. Through our words, we feel happy or sad or excited or disappointed with one another and get to learn about life’s little lessons.

It was through link hopping that I found Stephanie Nielson’s blog. Stephanie, or Nie Nie, and her husband were involved in a plane crash which left both of them with severely injured. The young mother of four was in a coma but battled against the odds to open her eyes again. Since then, her road to recovery has been fraught with surgeries and pain but she remains positive and optimistic.

Her blog is beautiful, as is the writer. The photos that she snaps of her children, her loving husband and her life are so poignant and lovely. The stories that she tells are so heart-warming and engaging. Her writing has touched the hearts of many, many people, who all rallied when they found out about her accident.

How often have we moaned and groaned about life and the unfairness of it all? I certainly have done my fair share of that. But it’s people like Nie Nie who show us that we can rise above it all and face everything with courage and hope. Life certainly dealt her a terrible and grievous blow but she’s come through it with so much dignity and integrity.

She was recently featured on Oprah and the footage just made me weep. Little things that we take for granted, like opening a jar or holding a child, are things that she struggles with everyday.

It’s an inspiring story – makes me want to be a mom like her, and a stronger person. Go on, have a read, you won’t regret it.

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